Now this is an initiative we can get behind. Temporary Pleasure, a group of club creatives and architects, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to turn a vacant Dublin city centre space into a new nightclub.

With around 90% of Irish nightclubs having disappeared over the past two decades, Temporary Pleasure are seeking to arrest that decline with the development of a club designed, built, and programmed by local communities who have lost their venues.

Earlier this year, Temporary Pleasure won an Arts Council ‘Engaging with Architecture’ Award, raising half the money it needed to develop the space, and has now turned to Kickstarter to raise the remaining €25,000 required.

The planned space – the location of which is still to be revealed – blurs the lines between ‘sculpture, venue, and community centre,’ Temporary Pleasure said. ‘It will host a wide-ranging programme of events in music, arts, talks, and workshops.’

The club will be open for a six-week period, commencing in September, which will host some 40 late-night and fringe events, and welcome around 7,000 attendees through its doors.

The €25,000 raised will go towards building the space and running DIY workshops on self-built clubs, hopefully inspiring others to adopt a similar approach.

More information on the project can be found here.

Commenting on the initiative, Robbie Kitt of Give Us The Night said, “The use of buildings, in a meanwhile use capacity to springboard arts and cultural groups – these opportunities need to be proliferated to so many people, not just people from dancing club backgrounds, but across all forms of expression in the city. This project could actually provide the blueprint that other groups could then follow.”

Elsewhere, Kate Butler of Dublin Digital Radio said that the project will aim to change perceptions about the club scene in general.

“Club culture has always been under siege, it’s always been embattled,” she said. “It’s always been on the fringe, and not wholly accepted by society. We need spaces for fringe communities. This project has the potential to make us think about clubbing and dancing in a completely new way.”

You can find out more, and contribute to the Kickstarter project, at

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