Our resident crate digging writer, Andrew Wowk, drops 15 essentials you might have missed in August.

  1. Flaty – Say It [ANWO RECORDS]


Jittery, bass-heavy juke drums combine with heady, spaced-out sonics for some seriously head-nodding business.

  1. Casual Treatment – Celestial Body [Axis/The Escape Velocity]

The Axis offshoot label continues is stellar run of releases with another trip through the universe, as Casual Treatment explores the origins of life through the lens of conceptual, sci-fi-flavoured techno. 

  1. Sniper1 – Celsius [anyoneknowsuki]


A storming breakbeat/electro crossover led by a gritty acid line and tastefully coloured with otherworldly effects.

  1. Sickarone – Airdown [4NC¥]


Thunderous footwork jungle vibes driven by massive sub bass stabs, chopped-up amens, and peppered with lush, dusty chords.

  1. Moktar – Silk [Steel City Dance Discs]


Futurist breakbeats and growling bass meet chopped and screwed samples of traditional Arabic instruments.

  1. Rosati – Elastik [Sungate]


The Amsterdam producer channels classic 90’s techno with this chunky, groove-led cut that reminds us that futuristic funk is an essential part of a great techno tune.

  1. Takaaki Itoh – Keys [Blocaus Series]


The Japanese techno icon delivers a driving, percussive stomper with a hypnotic edge.

  1. Organit – Extrakt [Tamás Olejnik]


A deep, psychedelic roller that straddles the line between techno and progressive house to great effect.

  1. Julien Bracht – Streets [System Records]


A peak time monster of a track that shines thanks to its sparkling, uplifting melodies and vocals, and chunky, energetic drums.

  1. Mafou – Vodou [Somatic Rituals]


One for the heads-down crew, this deep, tribal, and hypnotic journey is best enjoyed with eyes closed and a big subwoofer.

  1. E Davd – 2Worlds (World 2 Mix) [Music For Change]


The Australian producer blends warm and soulful chords, reverbed drums, and tasteful vocal samples on this lush breakbeat number.

  1. EQ Why – Juke-A-Lator [Equalized Records]


Chaotic, up-tempo juke vibes straight out of Chicago. Turbo vibes.

  1. Karmel Jäger – Your Love [Tooflez Muzik]


A no-nonsense, feel-good house jam which features some creative vocal effects and a memorable breakdown.

  1. Akul – Keep On (Myledo Remix) [Extra Spicy]


Old school jungle meets contemporary bass music in this charmingly off-kilter banger. Watch out for the deadly “Think break” chops.

  1. Aloka – Inta [Typeless]


Tasteful, stripped-down IDM/leftfield electronica that balances out its experimental beats and effects with lush chords and synth stabs.

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