Our in-house selector Andrew Wwok looks back at 10 essential tunes you missed in July

  1. Aural – Desire (Fabrice 4AM Mix) [Rebirth Records]


A quintessential piece of 90’s piano house from Italy, unearthed as part of a retrospective celebrating for one of the most influential musical movements of the era.

  1. Nørbak – Reverse Engineering

A newcomer to the Axis stable, the Portuguese producer injects a hypnotic, spacey aesthetic into a driving, menacing techno framework.

  1. LNS & DJ Sotofett – The 606 [Tresor Records]


Made in response to LNS wanting to sell her TR-606, this 10-minute psychedelic journey makes the aging piece of hardware sound as fresh and relevant as ever.

  1. D&S – Indentured Servitude [AVOIDANT]


Lush, meditative electro that combines snappy beats with deep, heady pads and an otherworldly acid lead.

  1. DJ Surgeles – Specialists [The Escape Velocity/Axis]

The Dutch master of stripped-down, sci-fi-inspired techno delivers a heady-but-propulsive groove which skirts the line between conceptual and dancefloor-focused perfectly.

  1. Joseph Capriati & Eric Kupper Feat. Byron Stingily – Love Changed Me (Dave Clarke Remix) [Redimension]


Techno legend Dave Clarke switches things up and delivers a beautiful, soulful house remix that elevates Byron Stingily’s incredible vocals to new heights by combining it with old school pianos, horns, and a warm bassline.

  1. Alessandro Cortini – Chiaroscuro [Mute]


The Nine Inch Nails live band mainstay explores his more experimental side with this slow-burning soundscape that would make Vangelis proud.

  1. iBOT – Hell Break Alert [Subsist Records]


Weird, wonderful IDM/braindance that balances energy, quirkiness, and warmth.

  1. Downpour – Do You Remember When It Was All About The Drums? [Home Assembly Music]


This one does exactly what it says on the tin, focusing on chopping up classic drum breaks into deadly new rhythms, fill out the spaces in between with booming sub bass hits.

  1. Kozmic Gurt Brodhas – Toll Som Gommer Svansen [H-Productions]


Remastered and rereleased, this collaboration between Cari Lekebusch, David Roiseaux, and Abi Bah Lönnberg perfectly captures the funky, mechanical sound Swedish techno producers were exploring in the early 2000s.

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