In another round of “must haves” our in-house selector Andrew Wwok scours the promo’s for 10 essential tracks you might have missed in May.

  1. Planetary Assault Systems – Bolt [Token]

Techno legend Luke Slater returns under his Plaentary Assault Systems alias to celebrate Token’s 100th release with a driving, hypnotic cut that doesn’t skimp on the funk.

  1. Sterac – Ghost 37 [Mote-Evolver]

Stellar machine funk from the Dutch master which skirts the line between chaotic and functional perfectly.

  1. ADMN – Technology Is Creepy [Infolines]

Combining tough, mechanical drums with warm, spacey melodies, Infolines label head ADMN perfectly captures the futuristic, soulful, sci-fi sound of Detroit. 

  1. Fearful x Mtwn – Void [YUKU]

Mostly known for their stripped-down, techy approach to drum & bass, Feraful and Mtwn slow things down with a heaving modular synth jam that transports their style into a new context.

  1. Eddie Hale – Aperture [Denude]

The debut release from Australian label Denude showcases Melbourne artist Eddie Hale’s subtle, atmospheric approach to techno.

  1. Function – Spiritually Unconscious (Dissolve) [Tresor Records]

Function’s trademark trippy, otherworldly sound takes a warmer, more melodic direction while retaining its meditative, introspective aesthetic.

  1. Alleged Witches – Parasitic Future [Natural Sciences]

Percussive wizardry and creepy vocal chants take centre stage on this low-slung, booming tribal journey.

  1. Pugilist & Tamen – Time Becomes A Loop [Repertoire]

A deep, heady jungle ride that showcases the duo’s attention to detail and intelligent sample manipulation techniques.

  1. Black Dahlia – Primate Response (Filmmaker Remix) [Body Musick]

Brutal, anarchic EBM/electro that pushes the sound forward while respecting its roots.

  1. Barker – Bent [Ostgut Ton]

Barker continues his exploration of the fringes of techno, finding the sweet spot between heavy low end pressure that will work on the dancefloor and spacious atmospherics that are perfect for headphone listening.

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