The West Pest is a semi-modular analog synth with some serious power. This semi-modular synthesizer burst onto the scene around NAMM and has been catching some serious attention for its affordability, ability to generate an intense harmonic character and the fact that it plays well with others (at least in terms of other synths). We had a chance to review one of these powerful synths to break down exactly what we found most appealing.

With three different waveforms to start with, you can create rich, full sounds that were never before possible. You can add beautiful harmonic elements to your soundscape by engaging in robust wave folding.

The Dynamics Controller uses a process of modification to the incoming signal to make it respond differently to changes in volume, replicating the way soundwaves behave in the natural world. You can also use an LFO to shape your sound, and there are 18 patch ports for connecting other devices, as well as MIDI capabilities which make this Pest very versatile!

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