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As Spotify and other streaming platforms continue to drain all forms of profit from the creative side of the industry, artists and record labels are either forced to adapt or crumble. But through this hardship, a select few labels have found innovative ways to thrive. 

Box of Cats is a label who have found a new way of operating in the music industry and with the new subscription-based service they are offering to fans and artists, we figured it was high time we sat down with the label bosses, This is from Kyle Watson and Wongo at Box of Cats, and figure out how they work their magic. 

Below is their list of five of the best and most innovative ways record labels are making money in this day and age!  But before we get to that, let’s check out a little bit more about what these two guys are up to with Nine Lives. 

What Is Nine Lives?


The tastemaker label, Box of Cats’ new initiative is designed to help aspiring producers get their music out to the masses, get signed by their favorite labels, and cut out the middle man to allow more profit to stay in their pockets.

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