Cristian Vogel has announced the return of his NEL alias for a new compilation on EPMmusic, which will feature tracks from his four previous NEL EPs, as well as two new productions.

Released on 23 February, NEL Adventures is an eleven-track compilation, featuring previous NEL cuts such as Tyrkisk Peber, 118 Days, La Fortuna, Mirabelle, Shadowgraphs and Orchid. The two new tracks on the compilation are Gullane – described as boasting a ‘a linear groove, twisted by modular bumps’ – and Earthsea, a glitchy, dub-techno workout.

Cristian Vogel is no stranger to electronic music, with a 25-year career behind him, including releases on Tresor, Mille Plateaux, novamute, Shitkatapult, Sub Rosa and more recently his own Endless Process label.

His NEL tracks mark a departure from his more experimental album and sound design compositions, bearing a closer resemblance to his earlier production style – tougher techno beats and rhythmic textures primarily using modular synths.

“The sound is characterised by analogue rhythms, textures and beats with an improvised flow,” Vogel says of the NEL sound.

Cristian Vogel presents NEL Adventures is released on EPMmusic on 23 February 2024, in digital format, and can be purchased here.


01 – Mirabelle
02 – Shadowgraphs
03 – Gullane
04 – Orchid
05 – Earthsea
06 – The Misty Quay
07 – La Fortuna
08 – The Insight
09 – 118 Days
10 – Understory
11 – Tyrkisk Peber

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