Crosley is a household name in the world of vinyl record players. Their myriad line of different options and designs offers a little something of everything to any would-be vinyl enthusiast.

Their latest addition to the Crosley family is the Crosley C62B Shelf System, which offers all you need to start enjoying the wonders of wax.

But with so many different vinyl record players hitting the market as 2022 winds its way to a close, we decided to check out the Crosley C62B Shelf System and see if it’s worth your money (…and space on your bookshelf).

What I Liked About The Crosley C62B

The Crosley C62B has a lot of features that are worth noting right out of the box. Here are some features that really caught my eye and impressed me.

It’s Functionality

This vinyl turntable has all its competitors’ bells and whistles, and I don’t mean that in the wrong way. From a functionality standpoint, this turntable can keep up well with the other options on the market.

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