summer & smoke lyrics

Cubicolor is a group that is among the rare upper echelon of Anjunadeep’s all-star roster. Having released countless songs and produced hundreds more than never seen release, these guys seem to have discovered the coveted recipe for success in producing emotional dance music.

And as the fervor of an album release intensifies, it can be all too easy for artists and fans alike to pay more attention to the release itself and not so much to the artform, meaning, and message of the song.

So we decided to slow things down and dive deeper underneath the surface about the context, journey, and magic behind the lyrics of Cubicolor’s “Summer & Smoke.”

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‘Summer & Smoke’ was co-produced by &Me, part of the acclaimed Keinemusik collective who produced several tracks on Drake’s #1 album ‘Honestly, Nevermind,’ and has proved to be a real vibrant electronic taste of what’s to come.

‘Summer & Smoke’ has an evocative underground feel, reflecting the group’s musical abilities and knack for creating dancefloor moments.

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