Dapper, the world’s first publicly available smart wallet, today announced its integration with RCRDSHP, a digital collectables platform for music. Beginning today, Dapper will seamlessly introduce and onboard its more than 2 million active users to RCRDSHP’s music NFTs. This integration represents a massive step towards introducing more people to the benefits of blockchain technology. RCRDSHP brings the global music community into the broader ecosystem, making it more robust and diverse.

After the digital market took off in the early 2000s, streaming services saved the music industry. However, artists still have not generated more revenue or accrued more value. Despite roughly 80% of music revenue coming from streaming services, 90% of all streaming revenue goes to the top 1% of artists. Currently, with artists generating an average of less than one cent per stream, only 13,400 artists earn upwards of $50,000 or more per year on Spotify. With NFTs offering an additional unique way for musicians to sell their work, RCRDSHP streamlines access between artists and fans to generate sustainable revenue for artists and affordable music collectables for fans. The integration with Dapper aims to further prioritize the accessibility of music NFTs, by delivering access to the music NFTs on the RCRDSHP platform to Dapper’s 2+ million active users.

“RCRDSHP could not be more excited to announce this integration with Dapper. Dapper is second to none in terms of user-friendliness and functionality, and we anticipate new and existing RCRDSHP users will immediately benefit. Music is valuable, but it is not valued. Far too often, we’re seeing artists working multiple jobs to make ends meet, while fans are priced out from collecting the work of their favourite artists. We cannot wait to get more music into the hands of collectors.” – RCRDSHP Founder & CEO, Obie Fernandez

Powered by Flow, Dapper is widely recognized among the easiest and most secure ways to buy and store digital assets. In collaboration with Dapper, RCRDSHP will continue to incentivize fans to support their favourite artists through exclusive content and experiences tied to their engagement.

“Dapper’s collaboration with RCRDSHP marks an exciting moment for both music fans and creators. This integration will allow people to easily onboard to RCRDSHP and seamlessly purchase NFTs, enabling more fans to collect music from their favourite artists.” – Mik Naayem, CBO and Co-Founder of Dapper Labs

To celebrate the integration, RCRDSHP will offer a limited-time music NFT Dapper Lab: Starter Pack to all users that sign up for a Dapper wallet. The first 20,000 Dapper Community members to purchase will receive an additional $10 bonus redeemable on the platform, and anyone who purchases the pack will also be airdropped an NFT that grants exclusive access to upcoming monthly challenges and rewards.

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