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When Elden Ring was announced and the first trailer was out, different theories and speculations were made about the game and one common theory was that it would be something entirely new and quite different from Dark Souls.

Now that Elden Ring is finally out, and being played by millions, gamers are arguing about how much of it is quite similar to Dark Souls 3. Both of the games have a lot in common while retaining a vibe of their own. Let’s get into the details of all the differences and similarities of both games.

Two Branches of the Same Tree?

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After playing and experiencing both the games, it won’t take you long to realize the striking similarities between Elden Ring and Dark Souls 3. The setting, the worlds, and the colors might feel a little unique but the basic framework is without a doubt, all the same perhaps with some new features at the most. But then again those small differences alter the experience considerably in some departments of the game which gives Elden Ring its own unique feel.

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