DJ SC Denon announcement

These club-style, Wi-Fi-enabled, standalone DJ devices give DJs the power to perform without a laptop and provide an immersive audio experience with onboard speakers and integration with Amazon Music Unlimited.

The Denon DJ SC LIVE standalone DJ controllers, SC LIVE 4 and SC LIVE 2, provide DJs with virtually unlimited music access. Designed using an exclusive secure chipset to meet Amazon’s music streaming requirements, the SC LIVE series gives DJs instant access to over 100 million CD-quality (aka “lossless”) songs across all musical genres (Amazon Music Unlimited subscription required). With the SC LIVE 4 and 2’s built-in Wi-Fi and lightning-fast onboard song analysis, DJs can now perform a complete set without owning or preparing any music ahead of time.

Learn more about the Denon SC 2 and the Denon SC 4 while supporting Magnetic’s team through our partnership with Sweetwater. 

What Is Denon’s SC Live Series? 

Inheriting the professional club-standard layout, features, and intuitive workflows from Denon DJ’s flagship SC6000 PRIME media players and club-style mixers, the SC LIVE series brings the power of a club-ready modular setup to compact and intuitive standalone DJ controllers. 

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