Just two weeks after their massive three-day, six-show, ADE extravaganza drew thousands of fans from all over the world, DGTL started ticket sales for their next flagship Amsterdam edition today. On April 7, 8 and 9 2023, the festival giant will return to its homeland at the NDSM Docklands to celebrate ten years of the brand and showcase a brand new theme: TRANSITIONS.

Dropping an exclusive new brand video released across their social channels two days ago, DGTL’s message is bold, visionary and clear. Carrying a deep sense of responsibility, the brand leans wholeheartedly into its desire to spearhead a new, purposeful direction within dance music and beyond.

 In the trailer, two hands meet, one human, one digital. We see harmonious transition between human and technology, a meeting of minds, bodies and souls across music and art. In a world that seems in constant social, economic and environmental transition, we lie separated from the old but not yet incorporated into the new. It is in this space, this gap, this transitional period where endless potential for real, lasting change and exciting new discoveries lie. It is therefore in our hands, and anything is possible.

 Sustainability & Responsibility

 In 2022 DGTL hit an important milestone, becoming the world’s first circular dance festival. In 2023, DGTL’s sustainability team will work towards a new goal: positioning DGTL as a thriving festival that goes beyond circular. The festival will work with the Doughnut economy model in cooperation with the city of Amsterdam.

In recent years, DGTL has been working to get the festival’s emissions to 0 by using circular systems. Now we are taking the next step by asking visitors to take responsibility for the emissions from their travel movements. It comes down to collective accountability to ensure that the visitor’s last emissions are also reduced.

DGTL’s Safe(r) Project will also return, using data collected from its first year in practice, 2022, to drive even more positive changes towards the festival’s diversity, inclusivity and community program.

DGTL has positioned itself as a unique and distinctive festival since its first edition in early 2013. With music, art and responsibility as its main pillars, DGTL events have established their unique position in the festival landscape worldwide. The Amsterdam-based festival has already gone far beyond the country’s borders with editions in Santiago, São Paulo, Tel Aviv, New Delhi and Mumbai. DGTL Amsterdam, of course, remains the spiritual and literal home of the event.

Capping off an incredible return to live entertainment in 2022, DGTL Santiago returns on December 7 at Espacio Riesco, where it will celebrate its third edition. DGTL also returns to India where DGTL New Delhi takes place on 9 & 10 December, and DGTL Mumbai will be on 10 & 11 December.

DGTL Amsterdam 2023

April 7 – 8 – 9, 2023, NDSM Docklands, Amsterdam
For more information visit www.dgtl.nl

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