Most DJs are headliners of music festivals, concerts, parties, and other large events. DJ Ghost of Cherry Moon Trax is a distinguished DJ from Belgium, making a name as a retro old-school DJ. He has perfected the craft of keeping his audience entertained on the various stages where he has performed. He has set himself as a unique DJ by grooving the crowds with retro music with old-school vibes, propelling him to the limelight. DJ Ghost deeply appreciates music and doubles up as a producer and manager.

DJ Ghost has been in the DJing scene for more than 25 years. His growing popularity earned him an ardent following across all his social media platforms. The number is expected to grow as he scales to make headlines on the global entertainment scene.

Popularly referred to as “The number one Belgian ‘retro old-school’ DJ”, DJ Ghost has a friendly charisma, deeply touches his audience’s mood, and knows how to keep them entertained and on the dancing stage. The vibrant DJ has the power to influence his audience, keeping them engaged throughout events, and has become an icon to many.

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