After his breakout in 2019, Anomalie has created a lot of hype with his unique blend of jazzy hip-hop and electronic dance music. He’s toured around the world playing at venues like Red Rocks, Electric Forest, and more.

Anomalie has amassed a large following after the release of his collaborative EP with Chromeo Bend the Rules, and the tandem EP release of Metropole I and Metropole II. Now he makes his return with a new album Galerie out this Friday, followed by a North American Tour. Find the full list of tour dates here.

Words and photos by Anomalie

Photo 1 - Anomalie for lead photo in article

When I released Métropole in 2017, it was clear to me that I was going to tour it with a live band – and then every other project after that.

Even if Anomalie is a solo project, since I’ve always preferred writing and arranging on my own, when it comes to performing, there’s simply nothing quite like interacting with incredible musicians – it’s rejuvenating. And then in the case of Anomalie Live, it also makes it so that I can enjoy my own repertoire in what feels like a fresh take on it through their musicianship and end up walking off stage with a big smile every night!

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