Trunkline is a duo formed by French producers Madben and Yann Lean. Both are key figures in the French techno scene and have been endorsed by giants in the industry, including Laurent Garnier, John Digweed, and Dave Clark. They bring together their shared love for Detroit techno, passion for experimenting with analog synthesizers, and mastery of fusing hard textures with emotional and atmospheric soundscapes, to create music that makes the crowds stomp hard with an everlasting smile.

Their new LP “Mercy”, encapsulates the essence of Trunkline. Freedom, spontaneity, and improvisation are at the core of their productions. The LP is an experimental blend of hard drumlines and heavy distortions. Each track is a playful celebration of techno’s rough and raw textures.

Below, they break down their live setup for the latest installment of our Do It Live series.

Words by Trunkline



Nerds alert!

In the following words, we are trying to explain how we built our live act and why we did it in this way…

First of all, we really enjoy to work with hardware synths when we are in the studio during our creative process, on top of the computer and all his vst’s possibilities. We composed our first tracks with Trunkline before having the idea to play a live act. Moreover, when we were thinking of how to manage our live act, we decided to remove the computer and to focus the whole setup on hardware gear, all of them are going into a hardware mixer, from Midas.

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