Many 8ths Are In A Pound

Could you eyeball how much this is? 

So much of cannabis culture comes down to informal talk, slang, and other jargon that the waters can get a bit muddy when discussing cold-hard quantities. Because with phrases like Zips, Dime Bags, 8ths, and more don’t always translate perfectly to terms like 16 grams, 1 pound, or anything else on the metric scale.

So let’s unpack some of the most common questions we hear in the cannabis community so that at least at the next party or smoke sesh, you can confidently say how many 8ths are in a pound of weed.

To do this, let’s break it down bit by bit…

But first, do you know anything about Glass Blunts? Here’s the lowdown…

How Many Eighths Are In A Pound?

Many 8ths Are In A Pound

Here is the fast and easy answer: There are one hundred and twenty-eight eighths of weed in a pound of cannabis. 

That’s pretty crazy, right?

But if you’re anything like me, it takes a little more of a breakdown; if you ever want this information in hopes that this fun fact will stick in your head, then here we go.

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