Donner Digital - DDP-80


One of the key names in digital keyboards Donner, have just released one of their most beautiful and charming products to date with the DDP-80. An elegant piece with a rich, acoustic timbre and full digital capabilities including Midi connection and online lessons via the Donner App

Donner DDP-80 Digital Piano: First Impressions

The first thing that strikes you about the keyboard is that it’s simply a beautiful thing to have in your home. The wood finish is a classy touch that would be right at home in any modern setting. All of that’s worthless though, if the sound and usability of a product isn’t totally up to scratch but luckily Donner has that covered. 

The DDP-80 comes with fully weighted keys, touch sensitive which are extremely satisfying to play and there’s no midi lag or latency at all. The in-built speakers and sound of the piano, created by Donner’s bespoke designed sound source – is incredibly clean without any visible speakers ruining the look of the piano. 

The only improvement in this sense, is the stand is not adjustable which could bring issues for younger or shorter musicians. 

Donner Digital - DDP-80

Who Is The Donner DDP-80 Digital Piano Designed For?

It’s an excellent piano for learners, with a compact size and an included app which connects to professors from Berklee College of Music, offering their bespoke tutoring course. The value for money on the product (prices start at around $600) far exceeds what you would get on similar products such as the Korg B2SP or the Yamaha P-125

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