DONNER’S DMK-25 PRO review

With a range of different portable and beginner-level MIDI controllers flooding the market lately, it can be difficult for a producer to decide which one of the many different options is right for them and their music studio.

Donner, who has made many other popular MIDI controllers over the years, just released their new DMK-25 Pro which features a sleek and elegant aesthetic improvement over its earlier iteration.

We were sent one of these keyboards to review, and it was fun learning how this keyboard stacks up against the rest of the entry-level keyboards on the market lately. So let’s dive into our review…

What Is The Donner DMK-25 PRO MIDI Keyboard?

The Donner DMK-25 Pro is a 25-key MIDI controller with a range of functions whose sole purpose is to help producers of any level start composing music fast. 

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