John Dimas has shared with XLR8R a recording of a recent set at Strichka Festival in Ukraine, which took place in May.

Influenced by the underground clubs of Thessaloniki, where he started DJing as a teenager after moving from his native country Albania, Dimas has established himself as a highly respected DJ-producer known for his deep knowledge of music.

On a release front, he’s maintained a steady output since his 2010 debut, pushing a futuristic fusion of techno and house that is clever, energetic, and infectious—released on DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolo, Bass Culture, One Records, Half Baked, and most recently on Francesco Del Garda’s Timeless imprint.

Dimas also runs Elephant Moon, a record label with which he aims to support new talent. The label does not accept demos; instead Dimas searches for young, emerging artists himself and mentors them throughout the process. In 2020, he launched a second imprint called SYNQ as well as Intermission Records with Voigtmann to release their debut album, Internal Transmission, for their collaboration VO1GT.M4S.

As you’d expect from Dimas, this mix is full of playful minimal house cuts, intricate drum patterns, and wonky basslines. This is what Dimas had to say about it.

“Deciding to perform in Kyiv during the war was no easy choice, but I am so glad I said yes.
The journey there was quite a challenge as currently the only way possible is via a 19-hour sleeper train from Warsaw but it was also part of the experience and I will always remember it fondly.

The resilience and determination of the Ukrainian people was incredibly inspiring. Being one of a small number of international artists there, it was an honor to come together in our shared love for music in such difficult circumstances. Shout outs to all other artists from abroad that also made the trip; it was a real bonding experience for us all!

“The performances of local artists and their brave stories deeply touched me and I want to thank everyone who joined for my set, dancing and sharing their energy. My heart overflowed with both love and sadness: love for the incredible people I had the pleasure of meeting, and sadness for what is happening in their beloved homeland.

“This is why I am sharing part of the recording of my set. To give those who were unable to attend the festival due to the circumstances a sense of being there, and for those who did attend, a chance to relive the experience when music connected us all and nothing but the present moment seemed to matter.”

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