DSLR Microphones

A DSLR Mic can be the single thing that elevates the content you’re creating. 

A DSLR microphone is critical for recording clear audio with a camera or camcorder. Without a good microphone, your video quality will probably suffer, which could turn off your viewers. This means that having a good DSLR mic is paramount to creating high-quality content, regardless of your working medium.

And while many DSLR mics and recorders can be very expensive, there are also a handful of affordable options that can seriously improve the audio quality of your recordings. So we decided to break down some of our favorite DSLR microphones so that you can find the best one for your recording needs.

This list includes external microphones, USB microphones, and video microphones. So let’s dive into our recommendations for which DSLR mics you should get for your business, studio, or passion project.

Best Budget DSLR Microphones

Most microphones can cost a pretty penny. But even on a budget, having something is better than nothing. Here is a quality microphone or two that you can snag at an affordable price that can seriously improve your audio quality if you’re starting from square one.

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