E-Saggila will return to Stockholm’s Northern Electronics label with a new album.

Gamma Tag is E-Saggila’s third album on Northern Electronics, following on from 2022’s Blaze.

We’re told that the release “refreshes expectations” by “making more space for melodic conditioning and inculcation, whipping ultraviolet harmonics into uncanny plains for a wide range of tempos and cadences.”

“While breaks remain staccato hammers, and kicks are cast to negate cardiac systems, E-Saggila’s modulation of rhythmic dynamics is more pronounced,” the label continues, “affording a resonance and balance that had previously been mentioned but not yet entirely explored.”

From her base in Toronto, Canada, E-Saggila, real name Rita Mikhael, covertly binds industrial music’s rhythmic intensity with club-wise shock tactics to create a dark and emotive soundtrack. Her discography includes a collection of tapes from her own label, as well as releases on Opal Tapes, Hospital Productions, and Anthony Linell‘s and Varg2™’s Northern Electronics imprint.

For more information on E‐Saggila, check out her XLR8R podcast here.


01. Amnesiac
02. Every Voice at Once
03. N3N
04. Gamma Tag
05. Tick
06. Profiteer
07. Stalking Star

Gamma Tag LP is scheduled for January 26 release. Meanwhile, you can stream the title-track in full via the player below.

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