Earos One Earplug Review

If you’re a music producer, DJ, or anyone working directly with music and live sound, your ears are your livelihood and should be protected as much as your 401k plan (not that we musicians have one, but that’s a different topic). As such, it would behoove producers and musicians at every level, whether they’re young and just starting or old and need to prevent further damage, to invest heavily in hearing protection.

And as more science comes out on the damages of loud noise and music, more companies are offering solutions and bringing noise-canceling earplugs to market to solve this issue. 

EAROS is one such brand whose acoustic filters, as they call them, are proclaimed to change the game officially. So let’s find out if they work! 

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What are the EAROS One Earplugs?

EAROS is a company specializing in hearing protection across a wide range of disciplines, and their EAROS One line was designed for musicians by a touring musician, Ronnie Madra.

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