It is the morning after the night/s before, your head feels like the stomping ground for the tug of war worldwide championships, mouth dryer than a goat’s lavatory, coupled with the energy levels of a post coitus sloth. The wide eyed, bushy tailed enthusiast that was you just a few hours ago has morphed in to a faded outline of the former self, left with no redeeming features from the classification of a human being. If this description sounds all too familiar, then the following advice offered to help ward off future spells of post-party trauma (PPT) may prove useful.

During a typical night out raving or day spent at a festival, you are expected to burn in the region of an additional 1000-1500 kcal, equating to 4-6 rectangles of party, rest and play mars bars. The marriage of vitamin and electrolyte loss tops off the food/fluid deficit, yet the confidence in your ability to perform the appropriate lip seal to replenish the body may be lacking.

Setting yourself up for the events that follow can make a magnitude of difference to how you feel during PPT, using a good combination of the right foods stuffs beforehand. To sustain energy levels try a complex meal containing wholegrain carbohydrates, protein and fats. This winning trio hangs around in the stomach for longer when compared to when these macro-nutrients are eaten alone, thus allowing for gradual release of glucose-energy needed for the get up and go. Ideas to help you on your way could be anything from oily fish with brown rice, chicken wholegrain pasta salad dressed in olive oil or a couple of wedges of wholegrain toast, olive oil spread, beans and cheese.

Hydration status is an oldie but goodie when it comes to skipping the head throb. Drinking water or a soluble vitamin drink both pre, post and during party can help to maintain the 72% H20 body composition and replenish the water soluble vitamins (B+C) lost through excess urination, caused by the diuretic known to be alcohol. Electrolytes, Sodium and Potassium depletion can be replaced quite easily by eating a packet of salt and vinegar crisps partnered with a banana smoothie, or adding a little salt to food for Sodium and apricots, avocados or baked potatoes for Potassium. A classic roast dinner with a plentiful of vegetables would also do the tricks if you can operate a fork with the gun finger hand.

Tackling the aftermath or PPT can be slightly more challenging, especially if there is no one around to blend, sieve and spoon feed you at eye level with a steady hand. In this case try some soup, smoothie or a fruit juice like orange to simultaneously boost your vitamin C levels and endangered immune system. Team up with a boiled egg that will surprisingly provide all the other vitamins A, B, D, E and K.

Another imperative component on the concrete road to recovery is rest. The poor liver takes approximately one hour to process and eliminate 1 unit of alcohol. Releasing energy from your food is also another task for the liver. Task performance whilst occupied removing alcohol toxins struggles to perform as effectively, hence why you crave sugary and fatty foods the next day. Abiding to the pre party diet fusing a complex carbohydrates along with protein and fats should prevent you falling in the sugar highs/low rollercoaster ride and the post takeaway food coma.

Quite basically the hidden message here stands as, be happy, healthy and maintain the balance of good vs. bad during your watch set to EAT.SLEEP.RAVE.EAT.REPEAT.

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