From weddings on-site to Michelin-rated dinner shows to a fireworks show that would put most 4th of July celebrations to shame, EDC had it all. The three-day, all night rave was jam-packed with more more dazzling entertainment than one could possibly take in all weekend long. Then there’s the music. Each area of the nocturnal carnival was carved out by a one-of-a-kind stage that was uniquely a scene and sound of its own. The Neon Garden and the Bionic Jungle specifically drew the attention of yours truly this past weekend but on day one, an unlikely headliner was the star of the show that evening. Near-hurricane force winds rocked the speedway and visibly thinned the crowd but the die-hard, scantily clad ravers simply raided the on-site merch stores for warmer clothing.  

Finally warmed up with fresh threads and ready to rave, it was onto the Bionic Jungle where Carl Craig was doing his part to heat up the revelers from for a two hour set that spanned mostly tech-house sprinkled with a bit of techno but sadly featured a considerable amount of sound bleed from other stages across the speedway. Chicago house legend, Gene Farris followed and faced the same challenge of sound bleeding from stages farther away. Nevertheless, the grassy area of Bionic Jungle provided a pleasant respite from the concrete surface of the Speedway.

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