Efterklang will release a new album in September.

With Things We Have In Common, the Danish trio—comprising Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen, and Rasmus Stolberg—close the circle that began with their 2019 album, Altid Sammen, and continued with 2021’s, Windflowers. These three records represent a “simpler, more inclusive” form of expression, exploring themes of human connection, the relationship between humans and nature and collective spirituality and belonging.

They’ve been playing music together as the three primary members of Efterklang for over 20 years, alongside a collective of other musicians who collaborate with them across albums.

Pianist and composer Rune Mølgaard formed Efterklang with them but left after their 2007 sophomore record, Parades. But for Things We Have In Common, Mølgaard returned to the fold, co-writing seven of the record’s nine songs.

During the years of his absence from the band, Rune fell in love with a woman who had grown up in the Mormon Church and found his spiritual side awakened. Yet as time passed, he found it difficult to keep his newfound faith and eventually his belief crumbled. Finally, in 2022, he broke with the Mormon Church.

Although Efterklang had invited Rune to work with them on Things We Have In Common before he left the church, after he left their relationship intensified. The conversations the band members had about his decision to leave the church colored the album as they worked, with the three primary members of Efterklang stepping back to create room for Mølgaard’s ideas and sonic universe.

Efterklang were also joined by Finnish drummer Tatu Rönkkö, Venezuelan guitarist Hector Tosta, and Guatemalan cellist and singer Mabe Fratti.

Alongside the announcement, Efterklang have shared “Animated Heart,” a new single.

“This piece originated in my little studio in Lisbon. In the early stages of the process, I shared numerous sketches with the others, and this one stood out,” Efterklang vocalist Clausen says. “As we began to develop it further, we often played it together with the girls’ choir, Sønderjysk Pigekor, from our hometown. Their addition brought a whole gospel vibe to the track, which I found incredibly appealing. I was struck by how their voices seemed to lift the composition into another realm, creating a sense of expansiveness that no instrument or single voice could achieve. I’m singing about being alone, clinging to the stone, kissing oneself to the bone, deep in the heart of the soul.”

The accompanying video was directed by Søren Lynggaard and the band’s Rasmus Stolberg, portraying the members of the choir.

Stolberg says: “The video is an homage to the choir who are featured on ‘Animated Heart’ and have given us so many unforgettable musical memories.

Previously, the group shared “Plant” and “Getting Reminders,” which both feature on the album.


01. Balancing Stones
02. Plant
03. Getting Reminders
04. Ambulance
05. Leave It All Behind
06. Animated Heart
07. Shelf Break
08. Sentiment
09. To A New Day

Things We Have In Common LP is scheduled for September 27 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Animated Heart” in full via the player below and pre-order here.

Photo: Søren Lynggaard

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