Electric Zoo, New York City’s premiere electronic music festival wrapped its 13th-year last week, bringing out more than 100,000 fans across three days and over 100 international acts. I had the opportunity to sit down with one of those acts, Moore Kismet. If you’re unfamiliar with Moore, that’s about to change as their mindset, focus, and upper echelon creative mind stand alone.

It’s 6 PM on day two of Electric Zoo, just minutes after Moore has wrapped up their set on The Landing stage which also hosted acts like Whipped Cream, Jauz, and Diesel. We’re sitting in their green room, and I open with a simple question – “how did you think your set went?” This is when the magic of Moore Kismet begins, and I quickly get a taste of what makes them so special.

First Impressions Of Kismet Moore

They pause and think before replying “I think my set went as ok as it could go.” This is Moore Kismet. Throughout our conversation, their unwavering honesty, visceral passion, and unwillingness to settle on any aspect of their creative vision came to light. The aura Moore carries was palpable, and I believe they are destined to become a generational talent.

I had just listened to their DJ set thinking it was incredible and highly reflective of their songs – delivering dancing melodies, chaotically clean bass grooves, and progressions perfectly fit for pop music. 

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