Ellen Allien has announced a new EP on her bpitch label, Rave Luv, which will be released on 22 March.

The two-track release – featuring both the title track and Lust – reflects the sounds that Allien has played at her We Are Not Alone events in Berlin, which launched in 2016, as well as drawing inspiration from the dancefloors of the world.

bpitch is currently the ‘label of the month’ on Beatport, with Allien conducting a recent interview for the music platform.

As she explained, one of the constants in the label’s history ha been its dedication to releasing music that it believes in.

“We book the artists we love, we sign the music we love,” she explained. “Even if we don’t sell out a record, we don’t regret it. It’s not about that.

“When someone starts getting big, it’s beautiful for us to see. I love to see people doing their own thing, and then coming back to sign a release with us. I love to see people believe in their own dreams.”

The most recent We Are Not Alone party took place at RSO.Berlin on 9 March, running for 36-hours, and featured artists such as Manni Dee, DJ Europarking, Shaleen, Lucinee and Allien herself.

You can pre-order Rave Luv here. Check out our most recent interview with Ellen Allien here.

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