eMastered Review

In the modern age of 2022, content is king. Producers, musicians, podcasters, and other creatives are all hungry to feed the algorithm that rewards consistent releases, interactive works of art, and click-bait style of content.

This need and hunger have made online mastering services like eMastered more in demand than ever before.

So let’s dive into everything you need to know about what makes eMastered so good, if it really can help your music career out, some clever ways other people in the music industry are using their online mastering services, and finally whether or not you should use what eMastered has to offer or if you should just put in the work learning the plugins and training your ears.

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So let’s dive in…

What Is Automated Mastering?

Mastering, which has the potential to be a raw and human art form in and of itself, is an incredibly complex topic. Not only that, but it has a far higher barrier of entry when you compare it to what it takes to become an average bedroom producer. 

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