An innovative new collection of interviews and artworks called ‘End Of Nowhere’, which examines how creative people including punk legend Lydia Lunch, Wu Tang Clan and Tribe Called Quest producer Sophia Chang, sound-based artist Christine Sun-Kim, The Sandman star John Cameron Mitchell and writer and environmentalist Dean Kuipers made work in the midst of the pandemic and how they create now, is being launched on 10 October. 

‘End Of Nowhere’ is described as “An Anthology of Creativity” and features an eclectic array of 20 global artists, authors and creators who are redefining culture talking about their ongoing creative process, all illustrated with bespoke portraits of each interviewee. 

‘End Of Nowhere’ will be hosted online rather than in a physical art gallery or book, and has been created by award-winning global creative agency Wong/Doody. In addition, portraits of all the artists interviewed have been created by Wong/Doody’s collective of artists, illustrators and designers using everything from incredible 4d technologies to a good old fashioned 4B pencil. 

‘End of Nowhere: An Anthology on Creativity. Vol. 1’ will be going live online on 10th October. Meanwhile, ‘End of Nowhere: An Anthology on Creativity Vol. 2’ is also in the works and will evolve and go live depending on what the future holds for us in 2023. 

The interviews for ‘End Of Nowhere’ were all conducted over the last two years and see the artists speak about how their creative work can comment on, challenge and change culture or simply offer their fans moments of light relief and escapism. It’s hoped ‘End of Nowhere’ will provide some positive respite and creative inspiration after the recent soul-sapping global situations that the world has faced since 2020. 

John Cameron Mitchell, currently starring in acclaimed Netflix series The Sandman, said of his interview with ‘End of Nowhere’: “I still feel optimistic [about the future] because I guess I’m remaining active and doing what I do and I’ve always had people who said just do your thing, you know, everything else will come after that.”

The interviews were all conducted by Eugene Robinson, frontman of experimental US rock band Oxbow, who’s also a journalist who writes for the likes of the New York Times, GQ, LA Times and Vice.

The launch of ‘End of Nowhere’ was celebrated with a preview party in London, UK, on 29th September, and will also be celebrated in New York on 6th October, with a second preview party featuring a panel discussion with some of the ‘End of Nowhere’ interviewees including Lydia Lunch, with other names tbc.


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