Of course we here at Decoded Magazine do not condone drug use, but we are neither stupid or naive to think our readers do not use drugs in some way or another throughout their lives and believe education is key to its use. “What’s In My Baggie?” is a documentary on the rise of misrepresented substances, as well as a critique of ineffective drug policy. It is essential viewing to know what you are buying and taking. Please share this with friends and educate.

— Contributors —
• “Adam Auctor” (Bunk Police, Founder)
• Hamilton Morris (VICE, Science Editor)
• Sean Dunagan (DEA, Former Senior Research Specialist)
• Patrick Murphy (University of San Francisco, Professor)
• Krystle Cole (NeuroSoup.com, Founder)
• Diane Goldstein (Redondo P.D., Retired Lieutenant Commander)
• Missi Wooldridge (DanceSafe, Executive Director)
• Alexander Spit (Songwriter, Producer)

— Background —
According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, over 250 new drugs have been discovered since 2009. There are so many different psychoactive drugs floating around that people don’t even realize the complex nature of the current situation. To document our findings, we filmed substance test kit results at music festivals, as well as interviews with harm reduction organizations, law enforcement officials, and distributors of these illicit substances.

We quickly discovered that most of the time people were surprised to find that their bag of drugs was not what they paid for.

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