The Brooklyn Mirage came prepared this summer season. The huge Brooklyn venue went under a complete makeover, removing the four pillars that shot out flames during drops throughout any given set, adding balconies for added viewing space and VIP table sections, it was very much rounded out with a larger than life 200-foot-wide, 30-foot-tall screen with over 1000 LEDs. Although we have been to the venue many times in the past, it was this firsthand experience with the new design that really blew us away.

There were plenty of fans waiting in line as we arrived but unlike previous experiences, the general admission line moved swimmingly and staff were able to get everybody in within a respectable time. As you flowed in, you were greeted with the hibernating Great Hall, the other venue in the Mirage that comes to life in the fall and winter months. The redesign made foot traffic a bit easier, as the paths to get up the stairs and around the floor simpler.

We attended the Saturday show on August 13th, and opener Bleu Clair was finishing up a nice introduction set to get everybody in the right mood and spirits.

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