Glasgow-based DJ and producer Aphelion has announced the release of the gorgeous debut single, ‘Bora’. Dropping on the 6th of May on Alumni Records, ‘Bora’ is a beautifully slow-evolving piece of atmospheric house that affirms Aphelion as one of the most exciting producers working in Glasgow right now.

Since a young age, Aphelion has been involved with numerous bands playing drums and synths, until 2019 when he decided to pursue a new sound with Scotland’s subSine | Academy electronic music school. Inspired by artists such as Nils Frahm and Max Cooper, to the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Aphelion has honed a passion for melody, distilling it with intricate rhythms derived from his years as a drummer, to create a sound that is entirely his own.

Simultaneously mellow and uplifting; ‘Bora’ is a track packed with emotion, immersing the listener and leaving them mesmerised by the track’s dynamic ebb and flow. Pulsing synths carry the record as it builds within itself into a blissful, awe-inspiring climax.

Based in Glasgow, Alumni Records is subSine | Academy’s own label, showcasing the depth of incredible talent fostered within its classrooms.

You can Pre-Order/Buy ‘Bora’ HERE.

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