The latest instalment taken from his anticipated new album, ‘Daylight’ sees Singapore born, Hong Kong based DJ / producer MJ KUOK delve into effortlessly melodic beats and intimately seamless production; fusing elements of ambient soundscapes and deep-house grooves.

“I wrote Daylight during an early morning session in Hong Kong. The world was still asleep as streaks of sunlight was bursting through the clouds. There was something so picturesque and calming about that moment that I wanted to try and capture in a song. I’m a visual person by nature and beautiful imagery is usually enough to get me inspired to try and translate that into music.”

From DJing in major regional music festival circuits including ZoukOut Singapore and DJ Jakarta Warehouse, MJ Kuok (previously known under the artist moniker, JUN and MMXJ) has done it all, experimenting in songwriting, DJing, and electronic music production. It was only in the process of learning and creating in recent years, that MJ Kuok found his true sound of feel-good, elevated electronic beats. As a reborn music producer and electronic artist, this year alone has seen MJ Kuok pushing his own boundaries and releasing music almost every month, with a culmination of an 11-track album, titled ‘Atlas’ to be available on major streaming platforms on 10 September 2021, Friday.

The album, ‘Atlas’ charts MJ Kuok’s growth in self-discovery, sharing the electronic artist’s first-hand life experiences in fulfillment, love, and even adulting. He explains, “I have dabbled in quite a number of aspects in the music industry from being a singer-songwriter to performing at major electronic festival circuits as a DJ to now, music production and ultimately rediscovering and finding a true sense of comfort in feel-good beats that I work on. Every song in ‘Atlas’ not only sheds light on a personal moment or experience but also captures an all-encompassing positive theme of hope and courage.”

With songs from ‘Atlas’ which have already been previously released, including ‘Journey’ where it summarizes MJ Kuok’s new founding direction as a music producer and taking a leap of faith to be with his loved one, ‘Forever’ which is his commitment to uplift listeners through his music, and ‘Triumph’ signifying the celebration of getting through past trials and challenges.

MJ Kuok has created one-of-a-kind digital collectible art pieces in the form of NFTs, inspired and in line with the release of ‘Atlas’. Each art piece is sold as 1/1, combining beautiful landscapes with modern stylizations, allowing viewers to be transported to an artistic paradise.

MJ Kuok’s new album, ‘ATLAS’ is due out on 10th September.

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