After previewing the absolute belter of a lead single “GLORYHOLE” late last year, dance visionary MJIRI steps out with an eighteen-minute debut showpiece, deftly displaying her artistry.

A singular blend of future and past dance genealogy, at only three songs deep, SWEAT abounds with disco, electro, funk and soul influence. The EP explores both the darker and playful aspects of disco, moving through post-punk guitars to driving electro-tinged bass lines.

The EP deals with covid-induced claustrophobia by lusting for the dance floor while splicing Nina Simone and a power preacher over heavy-hitting tracks, purposefully giving the black voice power and prominence.

“I really like recontextualizing these voices to say something new that is directly linked to the black experience. The power preacher may be speaking to a devout crowd, but he can also be speaking for the wider community. Nina is talking about her own personality but also could be talking about the black experience,” says MJIRI regarding the release.

“SWEAT is about hope, pride, ecstasy and dark sweaty corners of clubs!”

Mel Uye-Parker, also known as MJIRI, is an English-Nigerian singer, songwriter and composer. She grew up in Nottingham before cutting her teeth on the Manchester music scene while studying Popular Music & Recording at the University of Salford. After 10 formative years, she moved to London where she currently resides.

As a vocalist and writer, MJIRI has collaborated with the likes of Backdraft, Rae & Christian and Yesking.

As an educator, Mel Uye-Parker works as an Ableton Certified Trainer, Lecturer at Pointblank Music School and Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music, Valencia.

You can Buy/Steam ‘Sweat’ here.

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