Essex-based producer Model Man (Mark Brandon) looks back to the halcyon days of club culture and channels that inspiration on the new cut ‘Body Positive’, a personal journey through UK rave, house and breaks fuelled sounds. Mark has made something of a love letter to British club music, making his own music more authentic, unique and commanding.

“It’s about letting go of fear. Letting go of the fear of judgement. Anti-bad vibes” – Model Man 

Mark has also produced and directed a documentary series (to be released around the album launch) drawing on inspiration from his Essex home and rave culture. Model Man ventures across the county to talk to electronic pioneers about how Essex’s party history affected not only them but electronic culture for future generations.

“Essex is where I’ve always lived and was at the centre of parties that gave birth to rave culture long before I was a teenager. I met with Essex legends Leeroy Thornhill (The Prodigy), Sunscreem and Jamie from Empirion (a band who were part of XL Recordings’ early dance releases) to hear what this time meant for them as both partygoers and later as artists immersed in this exciting community and time.” – Model Man 

Born and raised in Chelmsford, Essex, he spent his early years learning classical piano from his piano-teacher Mother. But, with his home county being a key part of early rave culture, an interest was sparked in Mark that, much like the classical piano, never left him. His influences are broad, yet tied together by a strong desire to spark emotion in the listener.

Since releasing his debut album, Model Man has been on remix duties for Bob Moses, and Justin Martin, and even partnered with Deutsche Grammophon to re-imagine a Debussy piece. He’s provided mixes for the likes of 6Music and Insomniac, to follow his ‘Hot Mix’ for Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show and his Apple Music ‘One Mix’.

Model Man’s live show sees Mark take to the stage solo, and build his high-energy sets with live loops, sample triggering and audio manipulation, all the while playing his trademark piano parts live. Having recently headlined a stellar London show at Colours Factory, the end of the year sees Mark in the U.S. and Mexico for the first time to play a string of shows/festivals, including a special appearance at Sala Taro in Barcelona in December.

With Model Man’s music, we get the unfiltered distillation of Mark Brandon; pure, emotive and vulnerable. The blueprint for all Model Men.

20th Nov – Corona Capital Festival, Mexico, MX
25th Nov – Elsewhere New York, NY
26th Nov – Winston House, LA
2nd Dec – Sala Taro, Barcelona, ESP

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