A familiar duo makes their Perspectives Digital debut under the No Distance pseudonym. Peter Makto & Gregory S are no strangers to the underground dance scene. Fully immersed in electronic music from an early age and lifelong friends, the Hungarian pair have been regulars across the clubs of their homeland, not least under the auspices of their Truesounds agency and subsequent label of the same name.

The pair have been responsible for a double century of production credits with their music finding its way onto the likes of Proton Music, Dear Deer, and Hoomidaas, over a decade-long career that saw a debut remixing Eelke Kleijn for Manual Music in 2011. Entering a new chapter under the No Distance moniker, the duo has been able to combine Gregory’s melodic flair and Peter’s penchant for deep house grooves.

Now making an immediate impact on Darin Epsilon’s label, “Diamonds” finds them creating a magical sonic tapestry that glitters with a mesmerizing arpeggio that flows effortlessly across the 7 minute piece. Textured pads sit underneath as the track is propelled by a driving beat and rolling hi-hat top line. The result is the creation of a dynamic and sparkling opener full of poise and grace.

With its slightly darker and more melancholic air, “Eclipse” once again sees No Distance making their mark with a driving, club-friendly offering. Underneath a chest-thumping kick and whip-cracking snare, a bassline sequence holds firm while a detuned synth pierces the midrange with an earworm motif. An immaculately placed vocal line gives the track additional intrigue making its presence felt at the midpoint breakdown alongside white noise swells and a repeated synth line, before the second half strides out again with potent rhythmic force.

Available via Beatport

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