Channelling spaced-out Nuyorican Soul and trippy dubbed-out grooves, veteran DJ and production duo Gerry Rooney and Joel Martin, aka Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold deliver an inspired, hypnotic rework of London musician Pinky Perzelle aka Sonny Rooney’s original offering ‘No Games’ featuring Eda Eren.

“Having Gerry and Joel onboard to work their magic on a ‘Velvet Season & THOG’ Remix is an honour. A real family affair and a pleasure to have them on board for my debut. They’ve extended elements of the Original and introduced subtle electronica and dubbed out instrumentation. A true lesson in after-hours, left-field Balearica, and a very welcome addition to the record!” – Sonny Rooney

Created and refined over a four-year period, ‘No Games’ is a true labour of love and an ode to his total passion and dedication to multi-instrumental record creation without compromise, honouring the thread of inspiration which runs throughout the West London native’s sonic palette.

“This debut truly is a labour of love, but also a journey of personal growth and acceptance in many ways. I’m so excited to finally get this release out into the world and hope it resonates with people.” – Sonny Rooney

Almost every instrument was recorded and played by Perzelle at his home studio. The release, features the utterly unique, impassioned and reassuring vocals of British-Turkish artist, Eda Eren, and additional drums by a happy accident, from world-renowned Malcolm Catto (The Heliocentrics). The lead track is a timeless,
heartfelt, funk-ladened portal into a world reminiscent of a cinematic movie scene or an undiscovered gem from another era altogether.

Consisting of 4 versions of ‘No Games’, this release includes the leading bilingual Turkish and English ‘Original Mix’ and a shortened ‘Radio Edit’ which is entirely in English. Next on the record is a ‘Remix’ from Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold – aka Gerry Rooney & Joel Martin. Deconstructing and extending elements of the original, a true lesson in after-hours, left-field Balearica. To close the record is Pinky’s own ‘Electronic Mix’. Slightly more uptempo with references to early house music and broken-beat electronic drums which have often influenced his DJ selections. Showing yet another side of Perzelle’s approach to music making.

The afore-gained nods of approval for Pinky Perzelle from cult figureheads is only a sign of the very beginning of this all-rounder’s walk into the hearts and dance floors of like-minded music lovers.

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