‘Transmutation’ is the latest conception between Swedish electronic post punk artist, REIN and French DJ / producer, Djedjotronic (Jérémy Cottereau), a relentless expansion of their sonic capabilities. It delves into a hectic aural assault, both unsettling and mesmerising.

The EP features two original tracks ‘Transmutation’, ‘Automation’, and remixes by Unklevon and Pablo Bozzi.

“We wanted the songs on the EP to be cold and mechanical. We were inspired by the movie “Metropolis” when REIN wrote the lyrics to ‘Transmutation’, where the woman turns into a machine and starts dancing. The song ‘Automation’ is inspired by going into battle. These two songs are the unwanted offspring between Trent Reznor and Gerald Donald. The evil twins of their worst nightmares.”

‘Transmutation’ is released today via Boysnoize Records.

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