The group known as Sagans is made up of music artists, graphic designers and AI researchers who create music and visuals with the help of artificial intelligence. The group was formed in 2022 and consists of members from all over the world. The AI Collective is dedicated to creating new and innovative ways to create music and visuals, and they believe that artificial intelligence is the key to unlocking new creative possibilities, something that is truly unique and expressive.

The first video is called Coherence and it is about a city that is constantly changing and evolving. The video shows how the city changes over time, and how the character gets lost and adapts to the changes.

The video is a mix of different styles using the latest AI algorithms, some latent diffusions but also using a neural-style transfer algorithm, similar to the algorithm used to create the DeepDream images.

It’s really quite interesting to see how the AI collective was able to create something so unique, definitely an interesting take on the cyberpunk genre.

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