The Brussels trio led by guitarist Clément Nourry create a powerful musical nexus where riffs and patterns intertwine and intensify; where massive bass saxophone blasts confront Morriconian melodies. With Clément Nourry at the helm, Under The Reefs Orchestra is an adventurous power trio that navigates between post-rock and tempestuous jazz.

Nourry is one of the most dynamic guitarists on the Brussels scene and also plays in Yokai and with Nicolas Michaux. In Under the Reefs Orchestra, he is supported by the growling saxophone of Marti Mélia (Flat Earth Society) and the relentless drumming of Jakob Warmenbol (Don Kapot, Robbing Millions). Together, their music freely takes the listener through hazy melodic horizons dotted with hypnotic riffs. Haunted by the ghosts of Moondog and Adrien Belew, the crew of Under The Reef Orchestra provide a raging soundtrack for our struggles in a world on the brink of an ecological apocalypse.

“The video is dreamlike and brutal, made up of hundreds of collages. The music and images are inspired by the almost divine way in which the Sakurajima volcano in Japan reigns over the city of Kagoshima, whose inhabitants often protect themselves with transparent umbrellas from the rain of its ashes. In 2015, during the restart of the nearby Sendai nuclear power plant, Sakurajima erupted and shook the city. Its growl sounded like a warning.” – Under The Reef Orchestra

A refreshing, innovative take on post-rock, Spaghetti Western soundtracks and spaced-out electronics, Under the Reefs Orchestra’s first release of the year, ‘Sakurajima’, is overflowing with character. The Belgian experimental collective borrows heavily from Ennio Morricone, their sound is indicative of exploring new boundaries, with feelings embedded in layers of experimental sonics.

Sakurajima is released today (27th April).

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