Following the release of Valentina’s latest single ‘Love Myself’, London DJ and producer Flaurese drops a house remix.  Inspired by late night tales of London’s hedonistic nightlife, Flaurese strips back and nods to the original with a deep Lo-Fi house interpretation.

‘On very few occasions am I totally mesmerised by the warmth and vulnerability of a song. It was a privilege to immediately feel like I could give me reflection on it and build it into a different space. It’s allowed me to tap into a sound that I’ve not worked on myself and felt like something you’d experience abroad in the early hours which I love the idea of.’ – Flaurese

‘With this remix I wanted to explore the different worlds this song could exist in. I had intentionally kept the production of the original really pared down and simple, it kept the feeling and the intention that I initially had for this track; but I also love turning songs on their head, how just a few changes can make it say something a little different – maybe more hopeful, or even it can add to the melancholy of the original. I have always enjoyed the juxtaposition within a lot of house tracks of the uplifting and the melancholic and I felt like Flaurese was the perfect person to bring this song to life with this remix.’ – Valentina 

With the vocals sung as a ode to the raw expression of seeking love whilst sacricing ones own identity, Flaurese’s interpretation is perfectly suited for perveyors of house music.  

The ‘Love Myself Flaurese Remix’ is available to stream / download here

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