Fantastic Negrito, born Xavier Dphrepaulezz, will release Grandfather Courage, a reimagined acoustic version of his 2022 album, White Jesus Black Problems.

Part love story, part history lesson, Grandfather Courage tells the defiant tale of Dphrepaulezz’ seventh generation white Scottish indentured servant grandmother, Betty Gallimore, who was living in a common law marriage with his seventh generation African-American enslaved grandfather.

“The incredible story of my seventh generation grandparents was so profound,” Dphrepaulezz says. “I reimagined it through the lenses of my touring band.”

Dphrepaulezz previously offered fans a preview of the collection with “Oh Betty.” Today, he has released another taste with “Highest Bidder” (Reimagined Acoustic Version).

“If you want to take your mind, body, and soul on a trip check out the reimagined recording of ‘Highest Bidder’ through the lenses of my touring band,” he says. “At the time, I was listening to a lot of African drum patterns, and that definitely influenced this song. I’m trying to convey what I see when I walk down the street here in Oakland.”

Dphrepaulezz’s own story is stranger than fiction. He first released an album in 1996, but a near fatal car crash in 1999 in effect ended the first chapter of his career. It resulted in him spending three weeks in a coma and initially losing almost all movement in his right hand, drastically limiting his ability to play guitar. All three of his previous studio albums have won the GRAMMY Award for Best Contemporary Blues album: The Last Days of Oakland, Please Don’t Be Dead, and Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?


01. Drifting Away
02. Locked Down
03. Highest Bidder
04. They Go Low
05. Nibbadip
06. Oh Betty
07. Man with No Name
08. You Better Have a Gun
09. Trudoo
10. In My Head
11. Virginia Soil

Grandfather Courage LP is scheduled for February 3 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Highest Bidder” below and pre-order the record here.

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