SXSW is here once again! One of the world’s best showcase festivals has emerged triumphantly after a COVID instituted hiatus. Say nothing of the Interactive, Film, or Unofficial SXSW happenings, the fact that over 700 musical artists have performances on the official schedule is absurd. It’s a herculean task to filter through all of those artists and find the ones that excite you most.

But, fine reader, one of my many jobs is as an automation engineer, so I used those skills to assist in my vetting process. Succinctly put, I wrote some code to scrape every single of the 1052 artist pages from SXSW website, put all the info in one file, and exported it to a Google spreadsheet so I could make some sense of all the data. I filtered out all artists who signed up with SXSW but couldn’t land a showcase, which brought the number down to 649 artists. Not so bad! I then listened to the music for nearly every single artist on that list. One part masochism, one part curiosity; frankly I just wanted to give everyone a chance. 

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