mentorship in the music industry

Knowing the right people in the music industry might get you more opportunities but if you don’t have the skill set to back it up then all the gigs and opportunities in the world won’t get you anywhere. 

And good mentor has been-there-done-that and can help producers and artists who are at an earlier stage in their career replicate their success. They provide valuable insights into the industry, build up your skillset, help make you more connections, and also can turn into life-long friends. 

You can ask for no better case study to find the power of mentorships than by looking at the career of Columbus-based producer and DJ Entel, who was picked up by Grum’s label Deep State. Over the last few years, Grum himself (alongside the team at the label) has helped shape Entel’s sound, navigate the early and most difficult stages of Entel’s career, and even brought him along on an international tour.

And with two of the biggest milestones in Entel’s career fast approaching on Grum’s Deep State label, we decided we would pick Entel’s brain about how he made it all happen.

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