Layla Benitez

From an outsider looking in, it can seem like magic that DJs can find excellent records and songs these days. With so many tracks being released every day, how do they always find the perfect handful to play in their DJ sets?

Layla Benitez, the daughter of Studio 54 legend John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez, one of house music’s pioneers, is no stranger to digging deep into the record creates to find the absolute best music possible. 

As a way to celebrate her skyrocketing production credits and her release on Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream label,  we decided it was time to sit down with the artist and unpack just where she finds all of the records she plays at her gigs alongside superstars like Guy Gerber, Damian Lazurus, and Black Coffee…

Stream Layla Benitez’s Latest Song

All Day I Dream is the gold standard of beautiful emotion and the more melancholic shades of dance music. 

The label’s yearly Summer Sampler compilation features Layla’s latest track as its leading record and sets the tone for the other artists’ releases. 

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