Cloud-based mix³ creator platform ( has just launched new features which make it even easier to create spatial audio mixes. Now creators can access full automation of both position and gain, allowing them to move any sound fluidly through space, the perfect enhancement for musical creation and audio storytelling. Users can even dynamically automate the width of a stereo source using stems or stereo input files.

These new powers boil down to more flexibility and more expressiveness in spatial mixes for audio creators, whether they are producing a riveting podcast or mixing a new track. mix³’s automation allows creators to move sounds around a listener smoothly by adjusting position throughout a much broader immersive field. When combined with mixcubed’s multi-dimensional sonic environments, artists and storytellers can render a sense of space, place and feeling that transcends anything available in market today. 

All of the new automation features (see tutorial here) are included in the standard $9.99 monthly subscription to mix³. Subscribers can have up to 200 projects with 32 tracks per project on the platform. Once mixes are rendered, they can be enjoyed by anyone with headphones via any streaming service, no special hardware or software needed. 

“We’ve developed the simplest, but most nuanced and technically advanced way for audio creators to create compelling, fully 360-degree audio experiences,” says Immersion Networks President and Founder Paul Hubert. “We know creators will come up with some truly unprecedented storytelling using the tools we’ve built.” 

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