Fløa is a name that, if it’s not on your radar and playlists just yet, certainly should be. Because in a genre as oversaturated as the progressive and melodic house genres can be, Fløa’s unique sound and nuanced approach to production continue to cut through the noise release after release. And his latest release on David Hohme’s Where The Heart Is Records continues this legacy with flying colors. 

‘Enough’ was made in collaboration with Heard Right, a popular name on labels such as Monstercat/Silk and Purified. The single was originally heard a few months ago on David Hohme’s yearly mix album – Where My Heart Is Vol. 4, and “Enough” marks the final single from that mix album to an official release. 

We had a chance to sit down with Fløa for an exclusive interview to talk about how the single came to be, how he was first introduced to Heard Right, and what he has in store for the new year.

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We made the track “Enough” quite quickly, as usual; while searching for ideas for a demo, I made the initial idea of the track and wanted to develop it together with Zhenya (Heard Right), since his style suited this idea very well. And I was right, Zhenya had already sent his version of the track within a few days, which we combined our ideas, and it turned out the same “Enough.”

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