As an artist, he has produced six albums and headlined international tours; as a developer or sound designer, he has worked with major brands such as Apple, Nike, Touchstone Pictures, and countless others. Devine is constantly evaluating new tools for both his live performance and studio and recently began working with Misha: Eventide’s inspiring new interval-based instrument and sequencer for Eurorack.


While Devine is always one to embrace market innovation — particularly in the world of Eurorack — he says it is increasingly uncommon for a single module to offer an entirely new set of performance and compositional possibilities. 

An invitation to creativity

​With its clean user interface, interval-based buttons, key/scale knobs, transport controls, and intuitive LCD display, Misha is equally suited for live performance and studio work. 

“It is just a very interesting approach to creating and playing new melodies and gave me results that I wasn’t expecting,” Devine says.

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