Having dipped his toe into electro, drum ‘n’ bass, hip hop, big beat, techno and a myriad of other genres over the years, Freddy Fresh is one of those artists that continues to defy expectations.

The Minneapolis native has also released on more than 100 record labels during his more than three decade career, including Sony UK, Virgin, BMG UK and Harthouse, as well as founding imprints such as Howlin’ Records, Electric Music Foundation, Analog and Sockett.

He’s just released his latest long player, 35 Years of Music, on EPMmusic, which showcases his genre-hopping sensibilities – across 17 tracks you’ll find everything from downtempo beats to house music, and from IDM to hip hop… as well as a smattering of the B-Boy electro that formed part of his early career.

As the great Andrew Weatherall once declared, “that man knows how to make electro!”

As a press release for the album puts it, ‘With so many elements poured into the blender it’s little surprise that it has taken 35 years of musical know-how to bring all this together into one cohesive body of work. Once more it’s time to get Fresh!’

Freddy Fresh – 35 Years Of Music is released on EPMmusic on 29 September 2023 and can be downloaded/streamed here.


01 – Saved
02 – Oyster
03 – EMF Theme
04 – One For Arianna
05 – Experimental Electronics (Spark)
06 – People Started to Dance
07 – IMAN
08 – Matt’s Mood
09 – Candyland feat. Earth to Jordi
10 – Verbally Brutal feat. AMC
11 – Feathers
12 – After Thought
13 – Sympathy feat. Oliver Way
14 – Fairfax Movement
15 – Caledonia
16 – Tattered (Broken)
17 – Dusted

Also check out Freddy’s book, Give Me A Break, which catalogues over 800 breakbeats gathered over a span of 40 years of collecting, sampling and producing electronic music – limited copies are still available on Bandcamp.

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